Hack The Space @ Tate Modern

Hack the Space Hack the Space was a 24hour hackathon held in the turbine hall of Tate Modern to re-launch The Space, a platform created by the BBC and the Arts Council and first piloted in 2012 to showcase and commission digital artworks from across the worlds of art, culture and technology. I was invited to attend this incredible and groundbreaking event. Working with fellow artist Chris Hunt we prototyped a unique interactive duel narrative entitled ‘2008 05 12 06:28:01 UTC’ based on the events and timeline of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake. You control two characters simultaneously, any command you issue is executed in both narratives leading to some very engaging and thought provoking decision making by the user.


Experience a short beta demo of 2008 05 12 06:28:01 UTC
(headphones and Google Chrome recommended)