The first GC6 assignment (ICNSI-GC6-01) was completed today by almost all of our newly recruited Agents who are now equipped with their Zone Identifiers.

For the 5 Agents who failed to recover their package, Agent Unspoken has submitted an excellent video of the package contents as part of his report, which we have included in this post for your reference. Please contact Operations immediately to arrange an alternative retrieval method.

All Agents that have completed this assignment should ensure all reports are submitted to the Operations Division by 12:00 hours 27th October 2011.


First of all I wish to say that now I actually understand what Covernomics means. Your decoy in a bowler hat honestly did confuse me to the point that I walked out, then back in, causing more of a scene than I should have.

I entered the location at around 1PM and left shortly afterwards.

I should have waited, maybe to allow another agent to go in first and see what to expect, pretty much everything that I did was clumsy and unprofessional and you have my sincerest apologies.

However, I did collect the package from my contact.

Video evidence:

Some things that I only noticed afterwards: The badge itself has numbers upon the edges: 91664389 and 62967545 And the QR code on the Terms and Conditions sheet leads to your own GC6 recruitment video.

I await your next instructions and shall do better next time.


Approached meet location “Cape” at 12.15 from south – used lunchtime
crowds for cover – less suspicious to be seen looking for / meeting
someone at this time.

While approaching held smartphone in right hand for covert photography.  This yielded promising results without drawing attention
or compromising cover, however further practice required to improve
technique.  Clearest images in attachment.

**Note photo metadata could compromise field agents – GPS info &
camera info etc is contained within images.  JPEG & PNG Stripper
(freeeware downloadable here: http://www.steelbytes.com/?mid=30) can remove this easily (as I have done with images supplied) Perhaps this info may be useful to other agents?**

Passed entrance and continued towards Market Sq, in attempt to spot
contact & potential surveillance. Entered Cape at 12.45 & discovered
contact replaced by decoy.  Sat in spare chair with newspaper & took covert photo.  Due to compromise of meet location, made operation
decision that immediate contact with Covernomics Operations a priority, so utilised smartphone to email decoy photo & request further advise. Judged delay in transferring photo to laptop to remove metadata & send via Tor could put other agents at risk.

Proceeded to blend in with Gamecity crowds, in order to see if I was being followed after attending the compromised meet location.

Received contact via txt (14.00) in response to email advising location was compromised & to reattempt contact at Broadway cinema whilst being alert for other decoys.

On approach to Broadway at 15.15, spotted decoy outside & took covert
photographs as before, then entered bar.  Ordered bottled drink, so no
glass would remain with fingerprints, in case of surveillance/counter intel activity may attempt to ID me.  Spotted contact in far corner of bar (North East) engaged in conversation with another individual.  Waited until contact alone before approaching (15.20 approx) but used opportunity to take covert photo’s whilst reading magazine (brought for cover).

Approached contact, identified myself using key phrase as part of conversation opening & contact provided the correct response. Exchange occurred external to building at contacts recommendation, shielded from decoy & used magazine to collect package from contact & carry discretely.

As email is sent in plain text & unencrypted I will not discuss contents or further investigation unless explicitly requested or provided secure channel of communication.

Question: Should ZONE ACCESS IDENTIFIER be worn overtly, or covertly for identification purposes?


Objective complete.

Met with contact and have obtained package. Photographic evidence of package include with this report. Unfortunately no photographic evidence could be gathered of the meetup due to large gathering of the public at time of contact and to much risk of blowing cover.

Beginning next objective,
Agent Avalix

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