The second GC6 assignment (ICNSI-GC6-02) was completed today. Our Agents have successfully assembled and covertly deployed over 100 Photo-Magnetic Pulse Disruptor (PMPD) units on the designated target site.



This is my report on the assignment given, code: ICNSI-GC6-02

Today has been a long day.

I got to the pick up at around 12:00, made contact with your associates and got out of there.

I then went to a secure location to open up the two packages, taking measures beforehand to make sure I was not being followed.

It took me around an hour to document and put together the Photo-Magnetic pulse devices before I headed out again.

As I made my way to the deployment location, I met up with another agent who was trying to deploy them. We did not exchange names, or any other detail other than what we were here to do.

I deployed the devices and left via a different route to him.

As I was leaving, I noticed a man in a hat, possibly a fellow agent, (However I am uncertain.) walking past me. I took a photo of him, however he was too far away and the photo was of his back.

It is enclosed.

I have another video of the two stages of unpacking the devices and putting them together:

Wishing the mission a success

Agent Unspoken


Operation Complete.

Met with contacts at rendezvous point and received package. Meetup
could have gone slightly smoother but cover was not blown.
Photographic evidence of received package contents has been attached.
Afterwards I retreated to a secure area to construct the Tuner
Disruptors. Construction almost went as planned, however I spotted
another agent enter the secure area, recognised by the sight of a
familial brown envelope, and had to retreat elsewhere to finish the
Tuner Disruptors. Once completed i proceeded to the final target and
successfully planted the Disruptors on the target point. See
photographic evidence of both the disruptors and deployment on the

Starting next objective,
Agent Avalix


Mission report from Agent Tambo

Mission documents were successfully obtained from Operations Leader at Market Sq HQ at 13:20 hours approx.

Rendezvous with preliminary Bowler Hat contact who responded correctly to the question “Do you know if Auturo had risen today?” with “Yes, Everyman in Liverpool knows”

Secondary contact with un-named female agent in ladies lavatory resulted in the secure collection of the package. Am pleased to report that she washed her hands.

Assembly of PMPDs was completed in under 15 minutes – photo evidence attached.

TOP SECRET: whilst at the rendezvous, I noticed other suspicious activity within the premises. I covertly followed fellow Agent Abbo, who seemed to have difficulty in obtaining information (please see secret video footage of him leaving the venue). I have decided to remain undercover but have befriended the hapless Agent Abbo and will keep him under strict observation – what does he know?…

The PMDP device was deployed at the classified Ferromagnetic location at 18:00 hours approx. I also saw other Agents within the area but am yet to determine whose side they are on – photographic evidence also attached.

I await further instructions…

Mission report end – Agent Tambo

Over and Out.



Contacted agent 16:30 hrs.

Obtained and assembled transmitters.

Placed transmitters (see top secret attached pictures) at 16:55 hours.



Passed meet location “Tonic” at 13.00 & covertly photographed contact. Entered venue & ordered food & drink, in order to blend in with sparse clientele (at peak lunch time, bar area was disappointingly quiet and exposed to hostile observation / internal CCTV) .

Observed another agent and assumed hostile. Took up position away from contact, but in observation of other agent, allowing covert photography. Observed a 3rd party approach agent & begin conversation in relation to logistics & times, unfortunately facing away so details could not be clearly noted. It appeared this person was a handler, senior to agent, further conversation continued at length on mobile – as documented on photos.

Approached contact after handler had left, while carrying empty serving plate to bar (held with napkin to avoid fingerprints, glass wiped with same napkin).

Contact provided correct challenge response to passphrase & I displayed Zone Access Identifier (hidden under lapel) in recognition. Contact requested confirmation of code name and email address. Collected mission brief & warned contact about suspected agent in corner of room. Contact confirmed agent friendly, but advised to be on look out & be aware if approached, as other agents had been compromised today. Advised to take image of hostiles and email immediately to protect other field agents. Contact left & I collected package from agent, who confirmed I was correctly briefed.

Assembled Photo-Magnetic Pulse Disruptor Assembly at safe-house, after ensuring I wasn’t being followed. Researched target location using online photos & maps, to ensure location of Photo-Magnetic Pulse Disruptor Assembly would be as instructed – both were green & needed to be located above the left pillar on the side of the exposed I-Beam girders, in the North East corner of the square. Decided to wait until early evening due to allowed timescale, with hope that bad weather would allow unobtrusive use of umbrella and hood to provide cover for covert activities & help hide my identity in event of enemy activity.

17.10 Approached target location from East circus street, as this gave greatest view of target & possible external observation points (none sighted) whilst carrying phone to take covert photos. Entered building at North West of square, away from target, allowing observation of clientele / enemy agents while walking through bar area (none sighted). Took up external observation point away from target, to watch people reactions as others approached entrance by target.

Other agents had already placed disruptors underneath beams (but not side) At this point, I observed the agent and contact from the earlier meet at “Tonic” & several others.

Continued observation & photography, before attempting mission as quietest opportunity. 1 Photo-Magnetic Pulse Disruptor Assembly overshot the target, 1 successfully attached (on side, as intended).

Immediately left vicinity, as attempting retrieval of Photo-Magnetic Pulse Disruptor Assembly (not in sight) would draw unwanted attention and risk compromise.

Walking along East Circus street, aware of fast footsteps approaching, attempted to prepare camera phone, but was not ready in time. Was approached by unidentified agent, who identified me as Agent Shandy, gave me a Photo-Magnetic Pulse Disruptor Assembly & encouraged me to make another attempt to complete the mission. In hindsight I made a mistake, I should have told agent she had the wrong person & walked away, as accepting the item was confirmation of my identity and relationship to the codename. On realising this, I immediately contacted operations (17.30 email 17.40 text) due to operational requirements and informed of situation and requested advice.

Left vicinity in order to check for surveillance and assess options.

18.00 Operations confirmed agent friendly & to proceed with 2nd deployment.

18.10 in order to change appearance. removed coat, bag & umbrella (stashed in Playhouse waste paper bin) and put on grey top and raised hood. Making a 2nd attempt increased risk of being recognised before completing mission.

A large group of people in fancy dress were approaching target & I walked with the group, using them for cover as I crossed the square. Increasing rain and darkness hampered covert photography, but hopefully the reduced viability also hampered enemy agents.

Successfully deployed 2nd Photo-Magnetic Pulse Disruptor Assembly on opposite side of correct I-beam. This took 2 further attempts, due to increasing rainwater hampering the magnetic attraction to the beam. Immediately left vicinity & retrieved stashed items.

18.20 Sent confirmation to control that 2nd attempt successful (text)

Photographs attached, metadata removed and sent via Tor as before.




Mission Complete
Gmail problems prevented me from submitting photographic evidence for yesterday’s mission, however today’s events have proved that documentary imagery is somewhat beyond my control anyway.

The equipment was retrieved, assembled and positioned, however myself and a fellow sub-contractor agent, recruited with minimal disclosure for distraction/decoy purposes, were surveilled throughout the mission, sometimes by persons who we were unable to ascertain the trustworthiness of. After one incident near to the target location, I engaged in conversation with the unknown person who had been attempting to interfere, and believe I may have thrown him off the scent whilst being careful not to reveal sensitive information. However, be aware the operation seems to have been infiltrated and our secrecy compromised. Damage control may now be our only option.

During placement of the equipment, I also noticed some zone codes not being correctly adhered to. I hope to hear that the mission was still however a success and look forward to feedback from mission control.

Agent Wildfire



Mission complete. The blue PMPDs you can see in the supporting evidence were mine.

Package was delivered at 17:45. I wasn’t observed. But was concerned to observe the agent that briefed me was struggling to deploy his red packages. Is further training required?

Agent marmaladegirl

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