While the vast majority of our Agents were busy completing assignment ICNSI-GC6-03, a Special Operation (SO) was also completed today by a select group of high performing Agents.

Yesterday’s assignment successfully neutralised the photo-magnetic pulse field around the target location, allowing the 4 Stalkers to meet in one place with no fear of unwanted Zone effects.

We contacted 15 Agents by phone, 3 did not answer our call and 2 could not get to the location. But 8 of our top Agents acepted this SO and used their covert surveillance skills to monitor and report on the meeting. Some of their findings are detailed below.


13.00 approached playhouse from North West corner, allowing me to walk along the length of the bar area towards the box office & locate targets.

4 targets, 3 Caucasian males, 1 Caucasian female.

For report I have classified them as follows

White: male with short shaven hair of light colour
Black: male with short dark hair
Red: male with curly red hair
Brown: Female with brown hair in ponytail.

On approach all 4 were seated outside the bar area in conversation.

I approached box office, passed targets & collected a program of events to read in bar.

13.05 Ordered drink & checked that targets were not watching my movements at that point. Seated internally facing window at raised table with newspapers. Began reading papers while continuing covert photography as possible. Light conditions & reflections were obscuring target faces, only White visible.

13.10 Decided to risk a 2nd pass in order to successfully photograph targets, finished drink & exited bar at doorway adjacent to group. At this stage, black, brown & red were sitting, white was walking & talking on mobile.

Obtained surveillance photographs without incident.

White was repeating the following phrase on mobile: “The Sphere is in place. Repeat, the Sphere is in place”

Please advise if further surveillance required, I will continue with ICNSI-GC6-03 unless otherwise instructed.




Mission report – covert surveillance 28/10/11 from Agent Tambo

Arrived at the venue at 15:00 hours approx and immediately identified individuals of special interest (three males and one female), who were stationed outside the entrance. Please see attached photo.

  • Male A – shaved hair, black suit, black shirt, grey tie, black walking stick
  • Male B – curly blond hair, black suit, red tie, seated
  • Male C – short dark hair, black jeans, grey canvas trainers
  • Female A – long straight dark hair, black trousers, black shirt.

Upon arrival, I positioned myself within the venue to observe both inside and outside areas. I would recommend a lengthy surveillance of Male A over the next week as he appears to be the ring leader. He made two trips into the venue during my 15 min observation, ordered himself a glass on wine and met with Male C at the bar area.

Please see attached photo and film evidence.

NB> would recommend pulling files on all bar staff at the venue – whose side are they on?

Male A was also observed to be utilising PMDP devices outside the venue.

I was followed into the ladies bathroom and there was definitely no actions or washing of hands from whoever the cubicle next to me. I left the venue immediately but do not think my identity was compromised.

These persons of special interest should be regarded with extreme caution as they are very skilled in using their walking devices which double as potential weapons. Would recommend all agents take refresher courses in counter-crutch attack combat.

Mission report end – Agent Tambo

Over and Out


I did what was ordered of me.

Upon arrival at the location, I saw two, a man and a woman at a table, eating food.

A couple of minutes later they were joined by another two men. All were in black, business attire.

The woman is named Agent Valentine. They gave no other codenames.

They are worried about Covernomics, about the huge scale of Counter Intelligence against them.

Especially considering they lost agents the other day. One killed outside of [OMITTED] and the other is not reporting in, and so unconfirmed.

Listening to them, they were worried about the agency.

The one thing they were talking about though was the fact that Tomorrow was the last chance to make a difference. They were arguing about what to do, that the people need to know about Thatcher and the Miners Strike.

Also they had a list of key locations on a map, they had it in their possession but I was in the wrong position to view it.

They discussed who was in charge of Decoys and Agent Valentine said that she was.

It was then that they pegged me as counter intelligence and I left before they could question me.

Due to the fact one of the posters was located in the cafe they were just outside of, I tried to return an hour or so later, but I spotted one at the table still. I couldn’t risk blowing the location of the poster to them, so I aborted the assignment. There was little I could do.

The one thing that struck me, though was that they were not talking about concealing information. They were talking about releasing it. This gives me reasonable doubt to your own cause, because I remember being told by your own operatives yesterday that they were trying to conceal the circumstances surrounding 1984.

I am requesting more information.

-Agent Unspoken


The stalkers consisted of three men and one woman.
Two of the men and the woman were dressed in black with sunglasses
Additionally, the woman wore a brown scarf.
The third man had a distinctly different outfit.

The group sat at a table opposite the dish, each talking on their mobile phones a number of times.

Their table was covered with Covernomics paperwork (possibly intercepted mission files)

At one point, the stocky man talked to a man (possibly a bogus police officer/warden) dressed in illuminous uniform and at another instance, stood apart from the group in front of the dish talking on his mobile phone.

The man not dressed in black and the woman walked around the back of the playhouse building and I believe talked to a fifth person who did not approach the cafe area and left to walk (with a walking aid) up the hill to the rear of the church.

The group left as two pairs, headed around the front of the playhouse, in the direction of the Albert Hall. I was not able to follow.

Agent USER33

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