The final GC6 assignment was completed today.

We had over 60 Agents working together to create 2 large scale visual trauma triggers, Post-it War style, in 2 prominent city centre locations.



I arrived at the location “Broadway Cinema” shortly after 12:00 hours, having met up with Agent Z. I could see that he was pointing up to a room, in particular the mezzanine, and assumed that there was where I had to go to make my contact.

However I encountered some sticky notes upon the window. This had me flummoxed, as I could not find a bowler hat in sight. So I left the premises, when I noticed that Agent Z was now pointing inside the building, where I met my contact.

I followed out the instructions on the mezzanine and left shortly after.

After the operation was completed, around 15:30, I went back to the location to take photographic evidence of the complete trauma trigger.

You shall find it enclosed. Apologies for the quality, the tint of the windows did not allow a good view of it.

This will likely be my last report, it was a pleasure working with you.

-Agent Unspoken


12.20 Approached meet & noticed decoy external to Broadway, made note
to keep an eye out for other agents & to assume hostile unless briefed

Contact was sighted alone in bar. As lunchtime queue was busy,
decided to make contact immediately, as limited seating may result in
others taking up available seats near contact & overhearing exchange.

After successful exchange of pass-phrases, mission materials were
exchanged & instructions given.

12.25 on mezzanine level, I headed to a side area with seating away
from view & CCTV. Read mission brief & then located target area.
Covertly photographed group in vicinity, however they didn’t appear to
be paying attention to activities.

Deployed materials as instructed *note* numerical markers for x axis
are in reverse to briefing material – other agents in a hurry may not
notice this & deploy incorrectly as a result.

During deployment noticed agents attending to decoy – initially
covertly photographed activities, however as I was completing
assignment, one agent did look up at my activities (but did not
photograph me). As I had completed my assignment, I immediately
exited the vicinity at 12.33.

On exit, I also photographed the agent handler I had seen during
ICNSI-GC6-02, as I had struggled to get a good image on that occasion.

As the Trauma trigger is not yet complete, I will return to the target
area near the time limit for this assignment, in order to document the
image & deploy to social media networks.

Images attached & usual precautions (TOR, Metadata removal) as usual.




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