Operation GC6 DEBRIEF

Operation GameCity6 is now complete.

Agents have been scored on all completed assignments, reports and media submitted to the Operations Division during GC6.

The Human Resources and Security Division has now completed evaluating all information collected  in accordance with our pre-determined assessment criteria and a list of our top 15 Agents has now been established.

Operation GC6 – 15 Highest Performing Agents

  1. Agent Shandy
  2. Agent Aiken
  3. Agent Unspoken
  4. Agent Tambo
  5. Agent Wildfire
  6. Agent Marmaladegirl
  7. Agent Abbo
  8. Agent USER33
  9. Agent Avalix
  10. Agent AwesomeStrong
  11. Agent Satire
  12. Agent Powmark
  13. Agent Bluecat
  14. Agent FUNN
  15. Agent Krink

We promoted Agent Shandy to ‘Special Agent’ and presented him with a Clarke CNV150 Night Vision Scope (for use on future assignments) and VIP entry to the GameCity Prize 2011 after party.

You can view more images from GC6 on Flickr.

“GameCity is about playing ALL over the City – so it was really
exciting for us to have the Covernomics ARG wrap itself around the
entire event. One of the most popular events of the 2011 show, it
provided a great start to an amazing week.”

Iain Simons
, GameCity Director and founder.

Thank you to all the organisations and venues involved with Operation GC6: