Can You Crack It?

Yes we can!


Last mouth a curious cryptographic website appeared called

At first, not much was known about the purpose or origin on the website and the cryptographic challenge it showed.

We noticed the site being posted around Twitter and our curiosity got the better of us and we decided to have a go at cracking the code and discovering the keyword.

Well, it turns out that the website is hosted by GCHQ. The United Kingdom’s spy agency. After we completed the challenge and entered the keyword, it redirected us to a website where you can apply for a job with MI5 as a ‘Cyber Security Specialist’.

Stage 1 Solution:
Hint: Go to and save the image file (cyber.png)

Stage 2 Solution:
Hint: The js file from Stage 1 contains VM information that you need to emulate, then dump the memory while emulating to find the next clue.

Stage 3 Solution:
Hint: Rename the .exe to ‘keygen.exe’.

And the keyword is: