CovertConcealed, hidden, disguised, not openly practiced, secret.
Nomic (s)A game modelled on governmental systems in which changing the rules is a move. In that respect it differs from almost every other game.

Covernomics is the artistic practice of Adam Maximus Sporne.

Using a combination of pervasive gaming, new technology, augmented reality, social media and interventionist performance art Covernomics creates new form of theatre, casting the audience as the protagonist and providing a unique truly immersive, real life experience for each and every participant.

Adam draws on his wide-ranging influences to devise and produce highly engaging and thought provoking work. As a visual artist he creates memorable and emotional experiences for the audience or viewer by making them an active participant.

His work centers around the the culture of resistance, what constitutes an individual, and the perception of self within the real and digital worlds. He is fascinated with the rise of surveillance technologies, social media and other networked systems that are leading to a loss of freedom and anonymity. While at the same time empowering the individual to use creative media for positive social change.

Adam’s large scale participatory work, such as The Malthusian Paradox also provide some very unique research opportunities.