Ping Pong Pollock

Ping Pong PollockPing Pong Pollock is not your typical game of ping pong, it a highly participatory and engaging game of abstract art creation. Bringing together art and the Olympic sport of table tennis in a fun, easily assessable and highly visual celebration of the 2012 Cultural Olympiad.

People of all ages and abilities can take part together in 5 minute doubles or singles matches. The table is completely white and the balls used are dipped in a small amount of water-based paint before each serve.  And as the participants play, they contribute to the creation of a Jackson Pollock style masterpiece on the tabletop.

A HD digital camera is hung above the table to record the days events. Still images of the tabletop are automatically taken before, during and after each match and uploaded directly to twitter and the Ping Pong Pollock flickr gallery to show the gradual build up of the final painting and make the images instantly accessible and easily sharable by participants via social media.

See the London 2012 staff playing Ping Pong Pollock on Facebook

For more information or if you would like to have Ping Pong Pollock at your event/gallery please contact us.