Genesis of Cr0n

Genesis of CR0N is a immersive espionage thriller you experience in real life, the project took place during the GameCity8 festival 19th – 26th October 2013.

Prospective Agents registered at the Cr0n Desk in the GameCity8 Open Arcade where they received their first mission, to locate and enter the secret Cr0n Headquarters.

When Agents arrived at the Cr0n Headquarters for the first time they were only admitted to reception where they had to go through Processing. They were first photographed, then fingerprinted and their vital statistics recorded to enable Cr0n to do a number of background checks. Once fully vetted and having completed there first covert mission they where authorised to enter the Cr0n Bunker and pointed in the direction of an old wardrobe.

But this was not an ordinary wardrobe… it was a secret door to the hidden world of Cr0n. A fully realised secret underground spy bunker! The new Cr0n Agents where then tasked with completing clandestine operations in real life locations and venues around the city as they discover the story and save the world.

Genesis of Cr0n is a hybrid work combining theatre, art, gaming and research. Traditional audiences arrive in a space and then wait for something to happen, but this project is not traditional theatre. The audience has to get involved. They will have to look for clues, speak to the characters and help them to develop the story. Letting the audience loose in this interactive environment will enable them to play, genuinely interact and help curate their own experience of the work. They will get to feel that their presence really matters and makes a difference. And because it matters it changes the contract between artists and audiences providing the potential for everyone to create, discover and experiment together.


To see more photos from the weeks events check out our Flickr Gallery and for more videos the Cr0n YouTube Chanel.

Genesis of CR0N was devised and produced by Covernomics and Urban Angel with support from Mixed Reality LabThe University of Nottingham and University of Southampton as part of the ORCHID project.