Apocalypse of MoP

Apocalypse of MoP is a predominantly web based continuation of the Genesis of CR0N narrative, the project launched in November 2013 and ran for just over 1 year.

Apocalypse of MoP is a hybrid work combining non-linier narrative, highly personalised interactivity, gaming and research. Participants join Cr0n, a secretive underground organisation fighting for our digital freedom. Then using specially designed and highly advanced software tools they work undercover to expose the Ministry of Provenance from the inside.

A number of academic papers have been written based on research conducted during the project. One of the papers ‘Provenance for the People: A User-Centered Look at the W3C PROV Standard through an Online Game‘ has been accepted to CHI 2015. The CHI conference is the world’s premiere conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, presenting a highly selective showcase of the very best advances across the disciplines of computer science, cognitive psychology, design, social science, human factors, artificial intelligence, graphics, visualization, multi-media design and other disciplines. The paper considers that in the information age, tools for examining the validity of data are invaluable. Provenance is one such tool, and the PROV model proposed by the World Wide Web Consortium in 2013 offers a means of expressing provenance in a machine readable format. The paper takes a user-centered approach to understanding the notions of provenance, the accessibility of the PROV model, and the general attitudes towards history and the verifiability of information in modern data society.

During the project a large and varied selection of printed and digital documents and other media had to be faked, in fact over 24,000 unique documents where produced during the project. Some example documents are shown below and a small selection of the video and audio media produced has now been declassified and can be found on the MoP YouTube Chanel and the Cr0n YouTube Chanel.


Apocalypse of MoP was devised and produced by CovernomicsUrban AngelMixed Reality LabThe University of Nottingham and University of Southampton as part of the ORCHID project.


The ORCHID project aims establish the science needed to understand, build and apply human-agent collectives (HACs). Our role within the project is to create an highly engaging and interactive narrative experience as a way of testing and improving the newly developed W3C PROV standard.