Covernomics is currently working with Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute on a combined arts and research project entitled Mondegreen.

In 2025 Mondegreen is the world’s largest full-service digital management agency. Offering integrated strategy, insight, moderation, engagement, sponsorship, protection and chronicling. Mondegreen provide personal Life Weavers to the world’s most influential, successful and powerful people. Now their services are available to you, can you afford not to become a Mondegreen family?

Mondegreen is a fictitious organisation created by Covernomics that features in three short films. The films draw on the findings of a two-year research project called Charting the Digital Lifespan and are designed to facilitate further research. The project brings together academics and researchers from different universities and disciplines to investigate how people’s digital identities are experienced across key life transitions – leaving school, becoming a parent, retiring from work – now and in future.

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