Storicodes – Stalkers

Our resident writer Alicja Shaw is currently working on Storicodes with Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute, creating a dynamic and interactive digital narrative and two complementary physical installations.

Storicodes is the interactive element of 3 specially created murals being exhibited by The University of Nottingham and is based on Aestheticodes.

This project marks a paradigm shift in visual recognition, allowing for the design of visually beautiful images that can be encoded, resulting in the same interactivity as that of the QR code but with a more visually engaging and playful experience.

Barcodes and QR codes can be seen as ugly with little aesthetic value. As a result, their use is limited – most people would object to putting a QR code on every object they own, or to seeing a QR code in the middle of a painting or mural. Building on the d-touch system for drawable markers, the Storicodes app uses this technology to afford robust recognition of d-touch markers using smartphones.

As a way of both testing and showcasing this new technology researches have worked closely with a range of artists and writers to create 3 murals that contain hidden visual markers. Viewers can use the Storicodes app to scan the murals and trigger interactions to access a unique narrative that the mural itself is based on.

Get the Storicodes App for iOS